Self-Brett for Grape®



What’s Self-Brett for Grape®?

Have you ever thought about analyzing your grapes? What if you had the opportunity to detect any Brettanomyces contamination in time? Thanks to Self-Brett for Grape® you can carry out a semi-quantitative detection of Brettanomyces in the grapes of your vineyard in order to prevent in time the production of ethyl-phenols in wine and thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Self-Brett for Grape®’s benefits:

1. Autonomy of use:

Self-Brett for Grape® can be used directly on site, obtaining a clear result and without the intervention of specialized laboratories.

2. Clear result:

Simple evaluation of the presence of Brettanomyces on grapes through: Color change (from purple to yellow) Development of the typical ‘Brett smell’ Observation of colonies on the agar medium.

3. Cost:

Grape analysis is now easy and cheap! The cost is significantly reduced compared to laboratory tests.


  • Evaluation of the presence of Brettanomyces on grapes directly in the vineyard and independently.

How to use it:

  1. Collect 5-10 scraps using sterile scissors;
  2. Place them in the sterile bag included in the kit;
  3. Press the grapes and mix well;
  4. Unscrew the cap and put it upside down trying not to touch the support containing the agar medium;
  5. Fill with the must obtained in the bag up to the mark indicated on the label;
  6. Shake and wait 60 sec;
  7. Empty and allow to drain;
  8. Recap and leave at room temperature for 3-5 days.


  • If the wine sample tested is negative under all three conditions then the result is negative (uncontaminated wine)
  • If the color of the soil changes color to yellow, the typical odor develops and colonies are observed: the sample is contaminated
  • Based on the amount of colonies, you can have an estimate of the extent of contamination: low, medium, high.

Conservation and shelf life:

10-25 ° C – out date: 9 months

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