What’s the problem?

Brettanomyces can affect the entire wine production, if you discover it too late. In this case, wineries risk to lose a large amount of time and money to decontaminate their products.

Prevention for your wine

Grape has already developed Self-brett®, a ready-to-use kit for detecting Brettanomyces in wine. The device is very useful during the winemaking process, but it would be advantageous if wineries could prevent the deterioration of the wine already from the grapes harvest, and intervene promptly in the case of Brettanomyces.

An innovation

Grape has developed a device to directly analyze the grapes, in order to find out in advance if they are contaminated. In this case you can intervene promptly with appropriate treatments.

Discover Self-brett for Grape®

Self-brett for Grape is a easy to use device, fast in results and intuitive.
To use it just collect 5-10 grapes with a pair of sterile scissors, insert the berries in the sterile bag present in the package, press them and pour the must thus obtained into the Self-brett that you will find in the kit. After 5/7 days you will be able to personally observe the test result and understand if your grape is contaminated or not.

If you use Self-brett for Grape®

You do not need to send samples to the lab

 You can carry out the analysis personally and directly in the Vineyard

You can detect Brettanomyces directly on grapes

  You can easily assess the results based on the presence of:

  • Color changes
  • Bad flavours
  • yeast colonies on the agar


If you DO NOT use Self-brett for Grape®


You can’t analyse your grapes/h3>

You will need to carry out more analyses when the winemaking process has already begun

Download Self-Brett for Grape® instruction sheet

Download Self-Brett for Grape® data sheet

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