The staff of the company has synergic and strong expertise in food microbiology, food analyses, oenology and grapevine pathogen diagnosis and offers an integrated network of services dedicated to address the main needs of farmers, oenologists and other stakeholders.

Microbiological Sector

Traditional microbiological analyses for monitoring and evaluating the viability of yeasts and lactic bacteria in wines and corks.

Quantitative PCR-based molecular analysis of the microbial load and/or vitality of beneficial (eg malolactic bacteria) or harmful microorganisms (eg Brettanomyces spp.)

Study of the microbial ecology of grapes, musts and wines through microbiological and molecular analyses (PCR-DGGE).

Selection of yeast strains to be used as starter for the winemaking process.

Supply of customized yeasts for wineries and microbreweries.

Oenological Sector

Gas chromatographic analysis (GC-MS) of the aromatic component, contaminants and residues in musts and wines, including:

  • Analysis of the content of ethyl-phenols responsible for the "Brett smell" (4-ethylphenol, 4-ethylguaiacol, 4-vinylphenol, 4-viniguaiacol) in wines.
  • Analysis of the resveratrol content in grape leaf samples

Chromatographic analysis (HPLC-DAD) for grape and wine polyphenols.

Experimental micro-vinifications to test the oenological potential of grapes from different cultivars and clones or to make a comparison among grapes produced by adopting different agronomic techniques.

Viticultural Sector

Molecular diagnosis of phytoplasmas responsible for the grapevine Vois noi and Flavescence dorée diseases.

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